Transportation and wholesale of fuels

We offer you the highest quality fuel with high technical parameters without bio-components from reliable suppliers. To ensure the highest quality of our services we use specialized tankers, equipped with the dispensing systems with counter with compensation up to 15 ° C. We focus particular on following all safety procedures. We offer the fuel which meets the most stringent quality standards!


Our offer includes:

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel

Our advantages include: reliability, stability and fast transport of fuel to the customer as well as deliveries on time. Due to these aspects we can provide a service compatible with all standards.

Apart from fuel representing high technical parameters, which means engines operating better and lower fuel consumption, we provide you with:

  • free transport,
  • favorable prices,
  • fuel  metered in accurate way
  • express delivery of fuel within 24 hours and in special cases as fast as within 5 hours!
  • our own service and technical facilities,
  • fuel storage tanks with a capacity tailored to  the needs of customers,
  • monitoring of fuel in the tank, as a result, the customer can check the status of the fuel in the tank and, if necessary, fill the gaps without customer’s involvement.

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