As a part of our transport services we offer you:

  • Transportation of containers,
  • Transportation of fuels,
  • Transportation of gases in tank containers,
  • Transport of trucks from all over Europe.

We operate throughout Europe and our main destinations include: Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and the Czech Republic.

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While carrying out specialized services  we have developed a modern fleet of  vehicles. Currently the fleet of our company includes:

  • tractors by Scania,
  • container trailers designed to transport ADR and Ethylene loads,
  • tankers to transport fuel with a capacity of 36,000 liters,
  • tankers to transport chemicals
  • tankers with the unloading system at 15’C with a capacity of 14,000 liters and 20,000 liters
  • set 120m by Scania

Table of dimensions for standard containers